the discipline of bliss. oxytocin. serotonin. dopamine.

Meet your mind medicines: oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine. These natural brain chemicals work together to create the sensations of happiness, inspiration and bliss. These states are skills which can be learnt. With a basic and practical understanding of how our brains actually work we can develop our capacity to release our natural feel good mind medicines; oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin. As we release these chemicals we become more compassionate, determined and confident. They improve our emotional resilience and even increase our IQ.

Discipline of Bliss workshops will give you an embodied experience of the different mind medicines. You will learn how to observe these mind medicines functioning in your own system and begin to release them at will.  In the workshops you will be given the tools to make friends with your stress responce and  become the master of your own mind. Learn to create a beautiful brain.

Happiness. Peace. Self Development. Thinking about thinking. Meta-cognition.
"The workshop was engaging and practical. It has given me an awareness of what cortisol does in my body, and how it impacts my reactions and behaviour. Understanding how stress works in my body allows me to manage my stress at work, and empowers me to be the parent I want to be - another tool in my emotional intelligence toolkit."
Corporate Team Leader, Parent.

"The workshop was fun and informative. A great tool for consumers of mental health services anyone who encounters stress daily and feels at a loss with how to cope with it."
Senior Recovery Support Worker, Mental Health Services