Raising Resilient Kids @ Flowspace

MAY 31st 2018
7 to 8:30pm

$30 for one or $50 for couples

The Discipline of Bliss Sister Circle
You are invited to join us for a sister circle hosted by The Discipline of Bliss. Sunday, June 17 @ 5:30pm

In the heart of every woman beats the longing to sit with her sisters, to crack open, connect deeply and share her vulnerability, her joys, fears and her dreams.

Inviting the flow of the ancient wisdom of the Sacred Feminine with recent understandings of neuroscience.

Soft lighting, warm music, hot tea, inspired conversation.
Charlotte will be leading us through four short lessons on CORTISOL, OXYTOCIN, DOPAMINE and SEROTONIN. The brain chemistry of bliss.

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Painting by Robin Chance